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The Quantum offers all the performance of a luxury BCD, no compromises! A new BCD boasting exceptional sturdiness and stability, and introducing many innovative design ideas.


The Mares Quantum BCD is an uncompromising jacket-style BCD that offers all the astounding performance of a luxury BCD! It boasts an exceptional durability and stability, and introduces many innovative design features - swivel buckles, visual confirmation of proper weight pouch insert, custom weight pocket labels, multiple D-ring attachments, SLS weight system, and more. 

The Mares Quantum SLS BCD features a practical monoplate backpack that fits up to twin tanks, suitable for any level of diver. The stretch-style straps and pockets provide extra rigid strength and security. It is highly tailored for intelligent fit, positioning, and comfort.


 Monoplate backplate fits both single and/or twin tanks

 Swivel buckles and D-ring attachment on side lobe

  SLS weight system

  Visual confirmation of proper weight pouch insertion

  Personalization label on weight pouches

  Stretch cargo pockets

  High flow rate inflator CONNECTION

  Openings on side lobes for hose storage

  Trim weight pockets

  Optional BC attachment kit

  Optional double tank strap for use with twin tanks up to 2 x 12L / 2 x 80cuft

 Weight system : SLS
 Lift : 170N (size L)
 Material : Cordura 420
 Rings : 6 x Stainless Steel, 3 x Resistant Technopolymer
 Weight : 4.5kg (size L)
 Backpack : Standard


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