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Mask Strap Cover (various)

RM 20.00
  • Wide neoprene mask strap cover panel with hook and loop closure
  • Spreads strap pressure to prevent scalp pain
  • Expands strap surface area for a more secure hold
  • Smooth neoprene surface won’t snag hair
  • Fits any standard mask strap

The three most common mask pain points are strap pressure, slippage and hair pulling. Eliminate all of them with our Wide Neoprene Comfort Mask Strap Cover from IST. 

Wide neoprene pad spreads strap pressure across a greater surface area to avoid that tight, binding feeling across the back of the head. The smooth neoprene surface won’t snag hair when donning or doffing your mask. Easily attaches to cover any standard mask strap.

Forget about mask strap headaches: dive in comfort with the MS20 strap cover.

If ordering from website, please send snapshot of the selected model to 01970618227 for stock checking.